How to Update Maps on Your NAVMAN

Using maps reduces the chances of being lost and fulfills the need for a guide and a navigator if you love to wander. Besides, sometimes using an outdated GPS version can lead you into trouble. That’s why here you have a Navman Update program that keeps your GPS program always up to date. Consequently, you will never lose any data and direction once you switch to the Navman update. Moreover, as per its working criteria, Navman GPS update uses a firmware application you need to install on your computer to monitor map content and Navman GPS updates. 

Before you start, this Navman map update software can efficiently work with most Navman models or devices. And also allow you to update map content on the car navigating models named MY400LMT, EZY100T, and EZY200 from Navman. Furthermore, follow the downward steps to know how you can implement the steps regarding updating maps on your NAVMAN. Adding on, the below-given steps will bring more clarity and clear your doubts related to this Navman map update product key. 

How can you use the Navman update to update your maps?

  • Firstly, ensure that NavDesk is installed on your system. To bring more clarity, either install this software via the CD that came with your Navman device or from Navman’s website. Plus, it is necessary that your GPS device must be fully charged. 
  • Next, open a secure web browser on your system and jump onto Navman’s map update page. After that, once you browse through different device tables, locate the heading of your device model and the row for the map region you want to update. Such as Australia, Eastern Europe, North America, and other countries. 
  • Now, you need to click on the link, which you can see next to the appropriate updated map for downloading it. Remember, you can get lifetime free maps and updates once you switch to MY400LMT. And also allows you to proceed with Navman update by clicking on the “Download GPS Map” icon, which you can see next to the appropriate updated map to download it. After that, click on the “Purchase GPS Map” link to purchase an updated plan for your EZY model GPS device. Doing this will redirect you to the payment screen to fill in the necessary details to make a purchase. And once you purchase, you will receive a Navman map update product key number in your email. Then, click on the “Download GPS Map” link to download the file. 
  • Afterward, go to the directory Documents/My Maps to save the map file into it. Remember, NavDesk is responsible for creating this on your system. Next, connect your Navman update GPS device to your system via a USB cable. After that, turn “On” your device and wait until it starts displaying the computer connection screen. This GPS Navman update procedure will feature images of a computer and a GPS device surrounded by a USB logo. 
  • Further, open NavDesk on your system and click on the “Unlock Features” icon in NavDesk. After that, enter the Navman map update product key number to get your map subscription. In the case of MY400LMT, the product key number comes along with the product documentation. And when it comes to the EZY model device, you will receive the product key via email. 
  • Once you are done, click on the “Continue” option and then click on the “My Maps” option, appearing in the NavDesk window. Doing so enables you to launch the Loadable Mapa window in your system. After that, tap the “Open” button, which you can see next to the map file you downloaded, to launch two windows named My Navman and Map Source.  
  • Last, you need to click the box, which you can see next to your old map in the Navman window. And then, click on the “Remove Maps” option and wait until the process of Navman update finishes. After that, click the check box, which you can see next to the map you unlocked in the Map Source window. And then, click on the “Install Maps” option and wait until the process finishes. Once you receive the notification by NavDesk, that indicates the transfer is complete.    

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