How to do Navman Mivue Update?

Navman is famous for providing the best quality GPS devices that are easy to use and laden with the latest and advanced GPS features. Through the Navman GPS products, the users can easily reach their destination, and it allows the users to search for the address before getting in the car.

The Navman Mivue enables the users to get updated information about the live traffic. However, the users can quickly check for the traffic light on their smartphone before they get into their vehicle. Hence through this feature, the user can avoid any traffic jam along the way. 

The Navman Mivue is fully packed with the advanced and latest GPS features. But sometimes, the users will have to update the Navman Mivue device to make the most of the product. Therefore, for all users, below, we have discussed the steps regarding the Navman Update.

Navman Mivue Update

Navman Mivue Features

The Navman Mivue offers the following features provided below.

MiCam GPS service

Through this feature, the user can search for the address before getting into the vehicle and send it to the MiCam when they are ready to start their trip.

Smartphone Notification

The smartphone notification feature enables the users to access their incoming messages through their MiCam safely, and it reads aloud to the user.

Mileage Report Download

The user can record the kilometers driven for their selected trip on their MiCam and also produces a report of the trip quickly and easily through the MivuePro Companion App on their smartphone. 

EZYSHARE through Wi-Fi

The users can transfer recorded video clips by their Mivue Dash Cam to their mobile device through a wireless connection and allows the users to share it with their near and dear ones on social network platforms such as Youtube or Facebook.

Steps for Navman Mivue Update

The users will have to make sure that the device is connected to an internet-enabled Wi-Fi network before moving ahead with the Navman Mivue Update procedure. Thus, we have made it easy for all users to update their Navman Mivue device through the following steps provided below.

  • Click on the settings option provided under the menu bar.
  • Then go to the “Network” option.
  • After this, click on “Wi-Fi” to open the Wi-Fi settings.
  • With the ON/OFF button’s help, the users can switch to the “ON” position to connect to the wireless network they want to access.
  • Now return to the main settings page.
  • Then click on the “Product Information” option.
  • From there, locate and hit on the “Check for updates” option to search for the latest available Navman.
  • Note: The map will get downloaded according to the software version. Hence, it is always important to have the latest software installed on the device.
  • The users are suggested to click on the “Install All” option to install all available updates or choose “Software” or “Map” to perform updates individually.

Hence these were the steps through which the user can efficiently perform the Navman Mivue Update procedure. But if updating the map any user face issue, then feel free to contact the experts for assistance.

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